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 Kenji's Snow Application

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PostSubject: Kenji's Snow Application   Sat 3 Mar - 11:50

In Game::
1. Name: Kenji_Snow

2. Age: 18

3. Phone Number: 11618

4. Why do you want to join Admin Team? (120 Words) I want become admin because , i really want to help people/player as who need help, also i respect with us, and i'll help my friend (I Invite)join here. and i promise to be a good admin. Thanks to review

5. Why we should accept you? (150 Words) To learn more rp, trust me guys im a good admin on this server.i really want to help my friend as who need help & all players in Newton. Smile , Dont worry im good rp'ier now so you can trust me now promise, i'll be good admin for you guys i'll work hard too. ILY all

6. Bigraphy (100 Words)When i dont know how to rp i join on HZGAMING to learn some rp what i dont know, when i know the rp i find server ip on facebook group, i see the SOUTH GAMING i think its a good server in the all server, when im newbie on newton no one can help me / refund.

7. What you will do for us? (100 Words) I help you guys as good admin, and i'll active for you guys, so accept me also i respect you on this server name(Newton Unlimited Roleplay), very important i'll invite more players and i said to all playing on this server, use roleplay.

8. Would you ask for ranks? No ofc, i work hard

9. Have you been helper/admin before or are you a helper? Admin (Junior Admin)

10. Signature :Snow092

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Leroy Jethro Gibbs
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PostSubject: Re: Kenji's Snow Application   Sat 3 Mar - 11:53

Your admin application has been DENIED! You can FIX your errors you have 24 hours.

Following the errors.
- Question 4
- Question 5
- Question 6
- Question 7

Less than 100-150 Words
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Kenji's Snow Application
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