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 Newtown Roleplay ||| Server Rules

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PostSubject: Newtown Roleplay ||| Server Rules   Fri 2 Mar - 23:21

Acceptance of all rules on this page is required to use any Newtown Roleplay service.

Lawless Roleplay strongly believes in free speech. Whenever possible, we attempt not to moderate or censor individuals without reason.

That being said, this is a private site. You are not entitled to anything. You do not have guaranteed rights. You have privileges. They can be removed at any time. Much like your favourite local bar, if you get too loud, obnoxious, or abusive, you will be bounced.

You remain solely responsible for your account and IP address. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of this website, any related services, its staff, and its subsidiaries.

Your account, password & security
Please remember that no legitimate source will ever ask for your username and password, ever. No staff member will ever ask for your password. It's highly encrypted and can not be accessed by the outside world. If you find a website or anyone asking for your account password then please contact any server staff as soon as possible.

All rules and punishments listed below are only guidelines. Punishments can be less or more severe and depends on the situation and discretion of the admin.

Game ServerForum & Site
General Rules

Hacking, advantageous game modifications, exploits and harming other player's security
Any attempts at hacking or exploiting will result in an account suspension. These include game altering modifications which give you an advantage over another players. The following are not allowed:

• All game modifications which display information that is not normally available to other players is illegal
• Aim alteration modifications are strictly prohibited
• A list of CLEO modifications that are allowed can be found here
• Knowingly accepting exploited money and/or items without reporting it is illegal
• This includes distributing or sharing hacks, advantageous game modifications or exploits

Ban (1 Month) Ban (2 Month) + Fine (50% of total wealth including properties) Ban (3 Month) + Fine (90% of total wealth including properties) Account Termination
Do not attack other players for no reason (Deathmatch)
This includes attacking other players without a realistic in-character reason such as out of character conflicts and disputes. For example:

• You cannot order someone to move away from a place if you do not own it
• You are not allowed to pay a player to let him kill another player
• You are not allowed to kill a player twice for the same reason

Weapon Restriction for 2 hours Prison (30 minutes) + Weapon Restriction for 4 hours Prison (60 minutes) + Weapon Restriction for 6 hours Prison (90 minutes) + Weapon Restriction for 8 hours

Prison (120 minutes) + Weapon Restriction for 10 hours Ban (1 Month)
Deathmatch warnings automatically expire and are not reset after unbans.
Do not kill another player for killing you (Revenge kill)
This is when you take revenge and attack another player who has recently killed you. This is often abbreviated as "RK". If you are in a faction or gang, you can not return to a scene where you have died even if they call for backup by using in-character communication. The only exception to this rule is gang wars (bandana rules still applies), turf wars and bank robberies where you can revenge kill and return as many times as you like.

You will receive a Deathmatch Warning with the same punishments stated above.
Do not use out of character information for in character purposes (Metagaming)
This is mixing up OOC content with IC content or vice versa. Everything said should stay in-character unless it's said over the OOC chat (/b) ofcourse. This does not allow players to talk about OOC situations for example through their cellphone or whispering. For example:

• Barney Phife whispers to John Williams, saying: Hey bro, can you check what I sent you on the forums?
• Toompert Daman sees Immad Carter and starts shouting: Yo man get on our TeamSpeak 3 server!
• Gangs or Factions talking in family chat (/f) about in character things

Prison (10 minutes)
Do not perform actions which your character is incapable of (Powergaming)
This is when you roleplay unrealistic actions, forcing others to roleplay while you're not giving them a chance. This rule does not let you make up situations that did not happen and gives every player a fair chance. This also includes roleplaying different situations which you wouldn't be able to do script-wise. For example:

• Raz Barack picks up the truck, throwing it at Rio Flocka with his super powers
• Dominic Fontaine would be holding a magic stick that can kill everyone (( Dominic Fontaine ))

Prison (30 minutes)
Plane bombing, heliblading, excessive vehicle ramming or ninja jacking
This is when you use an aircraft such as planes or helicopters as a weapon to damage/ kill other players or intentionally ninja jacking. Excessive vehicle ramming is when you use your vehicle (for example, a car or bike) and hit another player to damage/ kill them. The only exception to this rule is if there is a roleplay reason (ie. police chase).

Prison (60-120 minutes) and/or Account Warn
Scamming & Robbing
Scamming is when you offer a service or product to another player for a price. Once you have received the payment, you do not deliver your end of the deal.

• Players below level 8 can not be scammed nor can they scam other players
• The scammer and anyone helping with the scam must be level 8 or above
• The scammer cannot scam another player over $60, 000
• We do not cover scams if there is a transaction based command available (ie. '/dicebet', '/sellmats' etc)
• Real life payment scams are not covered by Lawless Staff except donations
• We do not recover donation deals that has been done without a middleman
Robbing is when you force another player to give you something or you steal something from another player/ gang/ faction or group - this is often money.

• Players who are level 4 and below can not be robbed nor can they rob other players (you can only rob players level 5 or above)
• The robber and anyone helping with the robbery must be level 5 or above
• You cannot rob over $5, 000 (this includes items worth over $5, 000)
• You must give the other player at least 60 seconds before shooting them if they fail to pay
• If a player is escaping the robbery or attacking you before the 60 seconds are up, you may attack them
• You cannot rob the same person within a 48 hour period (this includes any assailants present during the robbery)
• You need to engage with the other player in a roleplay manner (eg. one lines that say "Hands up, this is a robbery" is not sufficient
• You cannot use binds to commit robberies
Prison (60-120 minutes) + Fine (Double the amount scammed/ robbed) and/or Account Warn
The money will always be removed and given back to the rightful owner.
This only includes in-character deals and not out of character deals (except donations).
Donation scam
If you promise to purchase any item on our donation site for a player in exchange for money or any in-game item(s) and then not actually making the donation.

• We do not recover donation deals that has been done without a middleman
Ban (Discretion of the admin)
The scammed money or item(s) will always be removed and given back to the rightful owner.
Money, Paycheck or Auto-Job Farming
Money Farming is when a player creates multiple accounts to transfer the starting money onto another account. Paycheck farming is using a script or modification that makes the character active in-game to gain paychecks. Auto-Job farming is using a script or modification that automatically complete jobs.

Ban (Ban duration depending on severity) and/or Fine (Double the amount gained) and/or Account Warn
The money will always be removed.
Selling Lawless Roleplay assets for profit
This is when someone sells their account or items either for things outside of the in-character realms or for in-game money. We believe it's in the best interest of the community and to protect the integrity of the server. This includes but is not limited to the following:

• In-game money
• Vehicles
• Houses
• Businesses
• Other items of value

Account Termination
Proper use of chat channels including advertisements
The rules for using newbie chat (/newb), global chat (/g) and in game advertisements (/ad) can be found here.

You can be unmuted by serving a prison sentence or fine.
This is the repeat spamming of the same message or command excessively.

Fine (Discretion of the admin)
You can be unmuted by serving a prison sentence or fine.
Server Advertisement
This is advertising another SA-MP server or community.

Ban (1 Month) + Account Warn
Leaving to avoid an arrest
This is when a player avoid being arrested before/while the arrest in a non-realistic way (e.g. leaving the game).

Prison (60-120 minutes) and/or fine (double the casefile fine, in case of leaving to avoid FBI delivery)
Releasing sensitive information
Releasing information which shouldn't be made public out of character is not allowed such as releasing hitman/ undercover FBI names, contracts, casefiles etc.

Prison (60-120 minutes) and/or Fine (20% of total wealth with minimum of $20,000) and/or Account Warn
Knowingly hiding information from admins or providing a false statement to admins
This is when a player knowingly does not report or hides information from an admin (ie. failing to report a ban evader) or providing a false statement to admins.

Prison (60-240 minutes) and/or Fine (20% of total wealth with minimum of $20,000) and/or Account Warn
Common sense
All rules are designed to make sure gameplay is as enjoyable as it can possibly be for all players. Just because something is not specifically mentioned in the rules it does not mean it's allowed. If your actions harm others, the server, or the gameplay in general you can be punished at the discretion of an administrator. We expect you to use common sense!

Faction Rules

Faction Tension rule
Factions of Los Santos are meant to cooperate and communicate to reach their goal: Serve the citizens. In general, each faction tends to have a specific methodology and way of thinking, but achieving the goal of factions is the only priority. Therefore, a good, stable and professional relation should be held between the members of factions (between two members from the same faction or from two different factions).

Things required from every faction member:

• Respect the chain of commands
• Respect the faction's handbook
• Respect other factions members
• Building a professional relation with colleagues from other factions
• Reporting to the high commands in case of a misbehavior of any member from any faction (consider not taking actions against anyone, even if you're being the victim)

Prison (60 minutes) and/or Removal from the Faction
Corruption is considered when any faction member abuses their faction given commands, equipment and access to commit actions that are not within the faction's role in the server. In character corruption which does not require the use of special faction access is allowed. There are no exceptions to this rule. For example:

• A police officer using /detain to kidnap a player
• A police officer planting evidence on a player and giving them subsequent crimes via /su
• A hitman agent aiding a gang or faction
• A police officer excessively ticketing
• Selling in game positions for in real life money
• Abusing the free name change service
• Frisking a player without a valid reason
• Taking player weapons while on a shootout with them
• Tazing players without a valid reason
• Killing a player just to have a medic save them
• Taking player items without it being used in a crime

Prison (20-60 minutes) and/or Removal from the Faction
Abuse of faction broadcast channels
All out of character and abusive language which is not meant to be said in faction broadcast channels is punishable. This includes department radio, news channel and faction radio.

• Faction members should not use the Department Radio or faction Broadcast Channel for Out Of Character material
• Faction members must not use the above channels in order to spam or rage, however they are allowed to joke as long as it is in character and not an abuse

Kick and/or Removal from faction
Vehicles with weapons
Factions have access to special vehicles with increased vehicle health or with weapons such as a water cannon, machine gun and rocket launcher. The following rules apply:

• These vehicles cannot be used during a turf war
• These vehicles must only be used for faction business only

Removal from faction and/or Prison (60 minutes)
Charge stacking
Charge stacking is when a law enforcement officer files the same crime against a player several times. For example, a player is wanted for reckless driving and another officer gives them a wanted level for reckless driving again. It is the responsibility of the law enforcement officer to make sure that they are not charge stacking (they can check a player's crime by using the MDC's civilian record check).

Prison (40-80 minutes)
Contract during turf
• Hitman agents are not allowed to assist any factions
• Hitman agents are not allowed to do any hits inside an active turf

Prison (60 minutes) and/or Removal from faction and/or Fine 2x Contract Value

Gang Rules

Gang theme
• All gangs are expected to maintain and adhere to their gang theme
• Gangs are not allowed under any circumstances to change their gang name, theme, slot-holder, skins or rank names without the permission of the Gang Manager

Prison (60 minutes)
Gang wars
Every gang will be able to kill other gang members on sight if both of them have their bandanas on.

Prison (60-120 minutes) and/or Account Warn
Do not wait outside a turf to kill enemy gangs
You are not allowed to camp outside an active turf to kill any enemy gang members (this includes nearby interiors such as: houses, doors and businesses).
Prison (60-120 minutes) and/or Account Warn
Gang ownership
You are not allowed to sell or give away your gang slot.

Gang Vandalization
This rule is a widely board rule that can apply to multiple different scenarios. Leaders are always expected to act in the best interests of their gang. Examples of this rule includes but not limited to:

• Mass recruitment
• Mass purging/ uninviting of members

Prison (60-240 minutes) + Leadership Ban

Turf War Rules

Both faction members and gang members must abide by the following regulations:

• You should not attend if you have high ping or high packet loss
• You can't drive-by in an ACTIVE turf area
• Faction/ gang members can only start shooting 15 minutes before the turf
• Gangs cannot ally with factions or other gangs outside their official alliance list
• Factions cannot ally or take help from any gang during a turf
• You must wear your faction or gang skin to attend
• You can snipe into the turf boundaries as long as you have members inside

Removal from faction/ gang and/or Prison (60-120 minutes)
Civilians (not a gang/faction member) cannot participate in turfs
Only faction and gang members are allowed to participate in active turf wars.

Prison (60-120 minutes) and/or Account Warn
Gangs and factions cannot attend a turf without the intent to capture the turf
Gang members can only attend a turf if the gang has a rank 5 or above actively online in-game and is attending the turf. On the other hand, faction members can only attend a turf if they have a rank 4 or above actively online in-game and attending the turf.

Removal from faction/ gang and/or Prison (60-120 minutes)
Gangs and factions must be in their respective clothes with badges or bandanas displayed
Gangs/ factions cannot participate in turf wars if they are not wearing official clothes or bandana/ badge. All gang and faction members must be wearing their team's clothing and have their bandana (via /bandana) or badge (via /badge) shown at all times during the turf war.

Prison (20-60 minutes) and/or Account Warn
Factions cannot arrest gang members participating in active turfs
Law enforcement officers are not allowed to arrest gang members who are participating in an active turf. This also includes if the gang member respawns outside the turf boundaries after dying. Factions are also not allowed to arrest people for crimes comitted inside an active turf boundary.

The only exception to this rule is if the gang member was wanted and being actively chased by law enforcement officers prior to the turf starting.

Removal from faction and/or Prison (60 minutes)
Gangs and factions can only engage whilst inside turf boundaries
Gang and faction members can only engage whilst being inside the turf boundaries. However, if a gang/ faction member is engaged inside the turf boundary and leave then they can still be killed outside the turf boundaries while the turf is still under attack. Furthermore, you can also snipe into the turf boundaries as long as you have members inside the turf boundaries. In addition, lands cannot be used in a turf - this includes sniping from lands into a turf, hiding in a land in an active turf after engagement.

You will receive a Deathmatch Warning with the same punishments stated above.

Thank you for your cooperation, and taking the time to read the game server rules.
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Newtown Roleplay ||| Server Rules
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